Jim Pichler

Alumni Service Award Recipient

College of Science and Engineering, September 29, 2010

Jim Pichler received a bachelor of science degree (1992) in computer science and a master of science degree (2003) in software engineering from the Institute of Technology (I.T.) at the University of Minnesota. He holds a senior management position at Digital River, Inc., where he has worked for 13 years and was part of the company's startup. He has been a member of the I.T. Alumni Society since 2005, serving as president, past president and member of the Communications committee. He also served and chaired the K-12 Outreach committee of the Alumni Society. He serves on the Computer Science and Engineering Department Industry Advisory Board and is a strong supporter of the department and its students. He is credited with doing a video promoting legislative support for the University and volunteers at and participates in numerous I.T. and University of Minnesota events and activities. He is described as an outstanding volunteer and an exceptional ambassador for the University of Minnesota.

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