Jeanne M. Voigt

Alumni Service Award Recipient

Carlson School of Management, September 24, 2015

Jeanne M. Voigt received a bachelor of science degree in music education in 1973 from the College of Liberal Arts and a master of business administration degree in 1981 from the School of Business (now Carlson School of Management) at the University of Minnesota. She is a business consultant for Compatible Technology International and is president of the Jeanne M. Voigt Foundation. Voigt has been a member of the Carlson Alumni Board since 2013. She is the chair of the Carlson Alumni Board Stewardship Committee and is a supporter of the Carlson School Women’s Initiative. Voigt is an outstanding mentor for women MBA students and entrepreneurship students. She also volunteers her time and financial resources by providing global scholarships for undergraduates, and working with the Carlson Global Institute to promote international programs and students. Because of her support, 19 students have had the opportunity to study in Senegal, Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, Ecuador, India, China, Brazil, and Costa Rica.

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