Janny Dwyer Brust

Alumni Service Award Recipient

School of Public Health, October 20, 2011

Janny Dwyer Brust received a master of public health degree from the School of Public Health (SPH) at the University of Minnesota in 1987. She is the director of medical policy and community affairs at the Minnesota Council of Health Plans. She is described as a consummate public health advocate on how to move data to action. She is a longtime research fellow in SPH, past president of its Alumni Society, adjunct faculty member in the School of Nursing, a mentor to 15 SPH students and a role model for countless others. She served as president of the SPH Alumni Society in 2000. She is credited with helping to implement the Cecilia Goetz Memorial Scholarship in Public Health and strengthening the SPH's mentoring program. She has engaged SPH faculty to present at Minnesota Public Health Association Policy Forums and has mentored at least 12 aspiring health leaders. She has twice earned the SPH's Community Partner Star Award for her coaching/mentoring efforts. She has also been active in the SPH Council of Past Presidents' efforts in reviewing existing guidelines and establishing new ones for alumni awards within SPH. This group is exploring the development of a Gold Club for early graduates of the school, which would honor and celebrate graduates of 50+ years, help reconnect them to their alma mater, as well as to share intergenerational knowledge.

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