Janie S. Mayeron

Alumni Service Award Recipient

Alumni Association, May 4, 1995

Ms. Mayeron is a 1973 graduate of the College of Liberal Arts and a 1976 graduate of the University of Minnesota Law School. She has served the University of Minnesota Alumni Association with distinction for eight years, including service treasurer in 1991-92; first vice president in 1992-93; and president in 1993-94. Ms. Mayerson was instrumental in developing and implementing U-Partners and the UMAA's U2000 five year strategic plan; was a guiding force in the formation of the University of Minnesota/UMAA/UMF Joint Task Force, a group charged with determining strategic directions for external relations. Ms. Mayeron has demonstrated commitment to her profession and to the University of Minnesota. The All-University Honors Committee enthusiastically endorsed her nomination for an Alumni Service Award.

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