Janice Linster

Alumni Service Award Recipient

College of Design, October 8, 2009

Janice Linster received a bachelor's degree in interior design from the College of Design in 1983 at the University of Minnesota. She is described as an outstanding role model and University advocate whose efforts have enhanced the student experience and supported the development, competency, and professionalism of countless future design professionals. For two decades, she served as a studio critic in the interior design program. She also served on the interior design program advisory board, where she consults with faculty to improve the quality of the academic program. In her role as life member of the UMAA, she served as a Legislative Network member, donor, and as an alum model for the UMAA "I'm a member, I'm an ambassador" brand campaign. Currently, she is the president of the College of Design's Alumni Society and Design Student and Alumni Board. She is credited with developing "College to Career" activities that took students into the community to meet employers and designers. She is the founding partner and principal of Studio Hive, an architecture and interior design firm.

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