Jan Anderson Meyer

Alumni Service Award Recipient

College of Liberal Arts, October 11, 2012

Jan Anderson Meyer is a three-time University of Minnesota graduate with a bachelor of arts degree in speech communication (1973), a master's degree in speech communications (1974), and a Ph.D. in speech communications (1986) from the College of Liberal Arts. She is the owner of a consulting firm that assists a wide range of domestic and international businesses in the areas of human resource development, crisis management and intercultural communication conflict management. In the College of Liberal Arts, she has served in a variety of capacities including service on the CLA Alumni Society Board of Directors, CLA's Alumni Society's Admitted Student Calling Outreach Program, and she has participated in many career-mentoring efforts. University-wide, she has volunteered with the Eastern Nebraska University of Minnesota Alumni Association (UMAA) chapter; helped to found and volunteer with the Southeastern Minnesota UMAA chapter; served as the Southeastern Minnesota representative to the UMAA National Board of Directors; and, she served on the UMAA National Board Programs Committee where she assisted in the selection of numerous Alumni Association award recipients.

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