Henry Blissenbach

Alumni Service Award Recipient

College of Pharmacy, September 29, 2010

Henry Blissenbach received a bachelor of science degree in pharmacy (1970) and a doctor of pharmacy (1974) from the College of Pharmacy at the University of Minnesota. Currently, he is president and chairman of Osprey Enterprises, Inc., three separate businesses, including one that is a consulting company that works with senior executives of public, private, and non-profit companies; another that is an exit strategy business; and the third is an e-commerce business. He is described as an innovative leader in pharmacy, healthcare, and society in general and devoted to the College of Pharmacy and the University of Minnesota faculty, students and staff. His accomplishments and service are outstanding both to the University and the community. He is the past president of the Pharmacy Alumni Society and a current member of the College of Pharmacy's Board of Advisors. He also serves as advisor to the Center for Leading Healthcare Change: Dialogues in Managed Care Leadership.

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