Gayle S. Hallin

Alumni Service Award Recipient

School of Nursing, October 20, 2011

Gayle S. Hallin, tireless advocate for nursing, public health, and the University of Minnesota, received a bachelor of science in nursing (1970), School of Nursing and a master of public health in public health nursing (1977) in the School of Public Health at the University of Minnesota. She is considered to be a leading advocate for access and quality healthcare for the people of Minnesota, including her contributions as director of public health for the City of Bloomington and as Minnesota's Assistant Commissioner of Health. She has served on the Nursing Alumni Society Board as president in 2006 and secretary/treasurer in 2011. Currently, she serves as the representative to the University of Minnesota Alumni Association's National Board, and she will begin a second term in 2012. She is credited with facilitating and carrying forth the strategic plans that effectively guided the Society's work during the School's 2009 Centennial that led to the Nursing Alumni Society's naming as the University's 2010 Outstanding Alumni Society of the Year. The School of Public Health recognized her by awarding her the prestigious Gaylord Anderson Leadership Award in 1995 and the School of Nursing recognized her with the 100 Distinguished Alumni Award in 2009.

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