Eugene W. Ollila

Alumni Service Award Recipient

Medical School, October 8, 2008

Eugene W. Ollila received both a bachelor's degree (1967) and a medical degree (1970) from the University of Minnesota. He has been an outstanding member of the Medical Alumni Society's board for thirteen years, four of which he served as president. He is credited with the development of a program called Alumni Hosting Applicants, which connects out-of-town applicants to the Medical School with local alumni hosts during their visits to the Twin Cities. His contributions to the Connections Mentoring Program have been stellar. This partnership with the Hennepin and Ramsey Medical Societies provides a four-year mentorship opportunity for medical students. Because of his efforts, the number of alumni and community physicians serving as mentors has quadrupled over the past ten years. More than a thousand medical students have been matched. In addition, in 2003, he and his wife Julie established the Dr. Eugene W. and Julie M. Ollila Scholarship. Thus far, the scholarship has supported three outstanding scholars. The impact of his extraordinary service will continue to be felt for many years to come.

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