Ertugrul Tuzcu

Alumni Service Award Recipient

Alumni Association, October 11, 2012

Ertugrul Tuzcu, immediate past chair of the University of Minnesota Alumni Association (UMAA) National Board of Directors, received a master's degree in industrial engineering in 1978 from the College of Science and Engineering. Presently, he is an organizational effectiveness consultant/coach at Target Corp. He has been a leader on the UMAA national board for eight years, serving as an at-large representative in 2004 and within one year, rose to the Executive Committee as an officer. He served as secretary/treasurer, first vice-chair, chair-elect and chair. During his tenure, he was involved in the strategic planning processes for the search committee for the new UMAA chief executive officer and currently he is chairing the Board Development/Nominating Committee that is overseeing the implementation of the Alumni Association board structure re-design. He also hosted the 2011 Annual Alumni Association Celebration. In addition, he contributed to the re-branding process of the Alumni Association and the creation of the "members are ambassadors" theme. The Alumni Association wrote "he gave of his time and skills with limitless passion and dedication, giving as much back to his alma mater as it gave to him."

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