Duane H. Engebretson

Alumni Service Award Recipient

Alumni Association and College of Pharmacy, October 8, 2009

Duane H. Engebretson and Glenn E. Engebretson, twin brothers, graduated together from the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy in 1943 with bachelor of science degrees. Their service to the University and the College of Pharmacy over the past ten years is described as outstanding and extensive. They served as sole sponsors of five major drug development symposia. Each one was a major academic conference, bringing together the top drug development researchers from the University of Minnesota, Mayo and North Dakota State University. They are also the sole sponsors of the new Engebretson Drug Design and Development Grant, a faculty research award given annually to two leading College of Pharmacy faculty who are active in drug discovery and development research. They are devoted to the University. They attend as many University events as possible and host groups of collegiate alumni in Sun City, Arizona every January. They are truly assets to the College of Pharmacy and the University of Minnesota.

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