Donna Dvorak

Alumni Service Award Recipient

Program of Mortuary Science, Medical School, October 8, 2009

Donna Dvorak received a bachelor of science in mortuary science from the University of Minnesota in 1982. Described as a faithful and devoted volunteer to the University of Minnesota since her graduation, she has participated in and held a variety of officer positions on the Mortuary Science Alumni Board. She is also credited with coordinating fundraising activities throughout the years. As a licensed funeral director, she mentored many mortuary science students on developing their skills for serving families and caring for the dead. She served as an active member of the Program of Mortuary Science Centennial Planning Committee, donating between 20-40 hours of her time a week. After the completion of the centennial, she continued to donate between 4-8 hours each week to the Program, which benefits students, alumni, and staff. She served as the licensed funeral director for Holcomb-Henry-Boom Funeral Homes from 1998-2008.

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