Donald G. Brauer

Alumni Service Award Recipient

Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs, October 30, 2007

Donald G. Brauer earned a master’s degree in Public Planning and Political Science from the University of Minnesota. He has been an engineer, environmental planner, city planner, and consultant over the past four decades. Currently, he is the executive director of The Freshwater Society, an organization that promotes the effective management of freshwater resources through education, demonstration projects, and research. Dean Atwood wrote, “Don has been an invaluable resource to the primarily first year students he has worked closely with; most are new to the Institute, the University community, and many times, to the greater Twin Cities area as well.” He has contributed his time and expertise that has gone well beyond the call of duty in his role of mentor and student guide. He has been a guest lecturer on Civil Engineering, Landscape Architecture, Urban Planning, Environmental Design, Parks and Recreation Administration and Resource Management. He is the author of numerous publications and the recipient of several community service awards and honors.

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