Bernadine Joselyn

Alumni Service Award Recipient

Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs, September 29, 2010

Bernadine Joselyn received a bachelor's degree in humanities in the College of Liberal Arts in 1978 and a master of public affairs from the University of Minnesota Humphrey Institute in 2000. She is currently the director of public policy and engagement at the Charles K. Blandin Foundation in Grand Rapids, Minnesota and is described as an exemplary alumna and friend of the Humphrey Institute. Dedicated and committed, she served two terms on the Humphrey Institute alumni board as board president. Because she is so well respected in the public policy community, she provides an invaluable resource to the Institute and the University in her advisory capacity on the alumni board, advisory council to the Institute, and to the Alumni Association National Board and its policy committee. The Dean of the Humphrey Institute wrote, "She is a tireless promoter of the mid-career public affairs degree program and the Institute to prospective students, classmates and colleagues. She embodies the spirit of alumni support at the Humphrey Institute and University of Minnesota."

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