Anthony F. Yapel

Alumni Service Award Recipient

Alumni Association, September 18, 1998

Dr. Yapel received his Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Minnesota in 1967. He has been an alumni volunteer for the University of Minnesota Alumni Association (UMAA) for many years. For the past twenty years he has been active in the Institute of Technology Alumni Society (ITAS), a sub-group of the UMAA, and served as the group's president in 1979. He has served as an ITAS officer and project leader many times, and his long-term involvement has had much to do with the ITAS being awarded special UMAA recognition five times in the past ten years. At the end of June, Dr. Yapel will complete the second of two consecutive three-year terms as a collegiate representative to the UMAA National Board. He has been active in the UMAA legislative network, and also a lead member of the UMAA Outreach Committee. Dr. Yapel led the effort to develop the UMAA grants program and has been an alumni mentor in the ITAS mentor program. He is currently assisting the College of Biological Sciences as a member of the Dean's Advisory Board. Dr. Yapel's leadership and dedicated services have indeed benefited the UMAA and the University in numerous ways.

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