Andrea Hjelm

Alumni Service Award Recipient

Alumni Association, September 15, 2006

Andrea Hjelm is a 1965 graduate of the College of Education. Over the course of the past eight years, she has served as National Board of Directors in an at-large position, UMAA Programs and Career Services Committee chair, vice president, president-elect, national president, and immediate past president and nominating committee chair in 2005-06. She has been a tireless leader and spokesperson for a number of UMAA's initiatives including legislative advocacy, bringing Gopher football back to campus, and supporting the University's strategic positioning recommendations. She is also a long-time member of the University's Intercollegiate Athletics Advisory Board, the University Legislative Network, and a member of the University of Minnesota President's Club. In addition, she was an active member of the committee that raised funds to build the McNamara Alumni Center and chaired the Save Gopher Sports Auction.

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