Jan Ormasa

Alumni Service Award Recipient

College of Education and Human Development, October 19, 2017

Jan Ormasa has had a distinguished career in special education as a teacher and administrator. She received a master of art degree in educational psychology (1974) and a specialist certificate in educational administration and policy with licensures in superintendent, elementary and secondary principal, and director of special education (1990), from the College of Education and Human Development (CEHD) at the University of Minnesota. She has served on the CEHD Development Alumni Society Board of Directors since 2013; as vice president (2014-15), and is currently in her second term as president. She is credited with helping the organization stay strong and active through a staff director transition. Ormasa was part of a committee that established the Rising Alumni Program to recognize recent graduates from across the college who have achieved early distinction in their careers or communities. She also has been part of the Women’s Philanthropic Leadership Circle (WPLC) since 2011. In addition, she serves on the scholarship committee. Ormasa is described as a passionate advocate and volunteer.

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