William L. Hall, Jr.

Award of Distinction Recipient

College of Architecture and Landscape Architecture, May 13, 2006

William L. Hall is CEO and president of W. L. Hall Company, located in Hopkins, Minnesota. His company has a long history and excellent reputation for serving the architectural and building community with quality products, exceptional service, and professional integrity. He is committed and dedicated to his profession, education, and the profession of architecture. He has been a key volunteer and advocate for the University, specifically for CALA. He led the fund drive during Campaign Minnesota to seek private support for the College's new building and has served on the dean's advisory board since 1986. He has also served as an advocate for the University at the state legislature. He is described as a leader, looking to the future, and a mentor and teacher of young practitioners who is passionate and enthusiastic about architecture. He has served on numerous boards and committees for the Construction Specification Institute and the American Institute of Architects.

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