Alexander Oftelie

Alumni Service Award Recipient

Humphrey School of Public Affairs, October 19, 2017

Alexander W. Oftelie is a non-profit subject matter expert for IBM. He received a master of public policy degree (2006) from the Humphrey School of Public Affairs at the University of Minnesota. He served on the Humphrey School Alumni Board for six years (2010-16); the Humphrey School’s Alumni Board Representatives on the University of Minnesota Alumni Association (UMAA) Collegiate Council (2010-16); and the UMAA Awards Committee.  In addition, he served as co-chair of the UMAA’s Student and Recent Alumni Council (2013-16). Oftelie was a mentor in the Humphrey School’s Mentor Program for five years (2008-12), and he championed the concept of the Humphrey School Day of Service, which brings together alumni, current students, faculty, and staff in service to local communities. Oftelie is described as a volunteer who provides vitality and inspiration to others.

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